Whole Life Insurance As An Investment

March 28, 2012

Whole life insurance as an investment is an insurance that can serve as a foundation for a family’s financial protection. Many insurance companies offer this to their clients with other stipulated benefits and advantages. However, not all is able to actually deliver their promised financial support and assistance and therefore breaks the trust of the insurance holders. To invest in an insurance company that builds trust and confidence is a major factor that would entice insurance holders (insured) to invest. Thus, a whole life insurance policy is not only useful during accidents and unexpected events but rather something that builds cash value that the insured can use during his lifetime.

Since this type of insurancwhole life insurance as an investment reviewe policy remains in force for the insurance holder’s lifetime, this requires the insured to pay premium every year as stated in the insurance policy contract. While term life insurance reviews are mostly positive and inviting, whole life insurance is equally important as well especially that it features lifetime protection with guaranteed premiums, death benefit and case value to the insurance policy holder. In this case, the most efficient and effective choice is to have whole life insurance as an investment.

Whole life insurance as an Investment at Monumental Life Insurance company

Monumental Life Insurance is a company that enables to strengthen its client’s confidence over time. From its establishment on 1858, it has continuously flourished to become known in its field and be one of the A+ Ranking Insurance companies. Monumental life insurance reviews gives out positive feedbacks about the company especially in its service delivery and customer relationships thus it becomes easier for insurance holders to relate inquiries and air their concerns to the management. Monumental life insurance phone numbers in this matter is accessible for clients call and agents are available for help.

How to get hold of Whole life insurance as an Investment

To avail of a whole life insurance as an investment, the insurance holder is asked to make a lump-sum payment or series of payment. In return, the insurance company (insurer), after some future date or beginning immediately may make periodic payments to the insured. The contract entered into by the insured and the insurer may be referred to as annuities which are contracts entered into between the insured and the insurer which is intended to meet retirement and other long-term goals.

Advantages and Disadvantages of  Whole life insurance as an Investment

Whole life insurance becomes an advantage since premium payments are locked and it build cash value over time (this in the case of a tax-deferred account). On the other hand, this type of insurance does not disclose all details to the insurance policy holder and it does not allow flexibility in payment amounts and schedules that had been agreed upon during the agreement. In conclusion, whole life insurance as an investment becomes helpful and important depending upon the needs and preferences of the insurance holder availing the said insurance policy for that matter.


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